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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 5, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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the news and politics. neil cavuto continues things here now, final bell is tolling and wall street, well, we are up. >>neil: this is it, eight hours before the first polls in america open. i am talking about a small town in new hampshire, under 100 votes in total and things will run smoothly there, but will sandy do a number here in the most popular part of the northeast? that is the question. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto and cloudy with a 90 percent chance of has confusion. ahead of the vote in the northeast, folks still wondering, where are they going to vote in the northeast? because of hurricane sandy, say this vote shuffle will not be dandy or easy in new york alone, 59 polling places are being moved we in and around coastal areas that were directly affected by the storm.
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some will be merged into what they call super polling sites including tents, shuttle buses are used to transport voteers every 15 to 30 minutes, and hundreds of generators of being used to make sure there is enough power. in some spots along the new jersey shore, voters will is to travel a couple of towns away to cast their vote and many are not sure where that will be. voters can apply for absentee ballots but they have less than an hour to have the applications filed. displaced voters can do the provisional ballots any play but voters are worried. >> you cannot use vote everywhere because some places are evacuation centers. >> this is a priority over everything else. >> i don't know what we are doing tuesday as far as voting,
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my school is up the block. >> think of that, they do not know where they have to go. it is not publicized enough for them to know where they have to go. it will be a mess tomorrow. in a presidential race that we know is too close to call. and now to brooklyn, new york, where the shuttle becauses are in high demand for a variety of other uses. rick? rick: you mentioned the 59 polling placed damaged and have to be moved because of the storm in new york city alone and 24 are in brooklyn, including on coney island where mean residents are more concerned with basic services than finding where their molling place is. these folks are in line if the tenth where they are giving out food and water and diapers and other supplies and taking applications for federal aid, 206,000 people have signed up. buses are here to provide warmth
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for those what do not have heat and mobile medical centers are here so people can get the medical care. and beyond that you have large public housing buildings and many of them are still without power. but the residents do not want to leave because they are concern about their possessions. there is a lot of water damage around here in coney island and in brooklyn, in general. there is work on utilities to restore power and they have made progress. hundreds of thousands are in the character, 700,000 in new york without power and the numbers have improved and they are using utility crews to make that happen. the military officers are on the ground and helicopters flew over new york city on the way to staten island, with marines on board and heavy equipment, and they are helping residents move the debris and getting roads cleared and distributing aid to the folks there. a big story now is the tens of
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thousands of people who are newly homeless because of the storm, whether it is because it destroyed their home or because it knocked out their electricity and they living in very, very bad conditions. people have sewage problems, they have a lack of good water, they do not have power or heat and are reluctant to lebanese their home. >>neil: now in pennsylvania where most have their power back but in clear hint which candidate they will back. while pennsylvania has backed a democratic candidate the last five presidential elections polls are unusually tight for this election. in bucks county, up to 30,000 people turned out for a pro mitt romney rally and mitt romney saw large crowds in virginia and another state hit hard by sandy. and now, on the swing we could be missing. what is going on? >>pat: it is tighter than a at this time or in the margin of
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"corruption." >>neil: where you can buy that vote. >>pat: looking at chaos, a lot of votes being cast, but right new obama has the bump at the end of the week whether it was the normal incumbent bump or with the storm or not, and, now, the last 24 hours you start sighing it moving to romney and reflected in the crowds. i think we are tight. we might be in for what we saw in 1976, the challenger suddenly the race is tied and the last minute deciders are saying do i want to keep incumbent. we see plays in pennsylvania --. gerald ford on saturday was a point ahead and on sunday and monday carter would i worked for we started moving and we ended up with winning 297 electorals and another day it would have been over 330. >>neil: and then four years later and it was a huge, huge
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shift in the last 48 to 72 hours. how do we know that might not be happening here? >>pat: i don't think -- nothing that big because carter had lower ratings than obama but it is a question of the bump. you tell me the party preference there it is democrats and republicans independents are going to romney big but now he would win but, remember, in 1980 cater was even on saturday, down five on monday, and down ten. >>neil: wouldn't we pick up on this? >>pat: that is what i sam saying it could look more like 1976, sunday night polling seems to be moving from what i can see toward romney. >>neil: pennsylvania is a state that surprisingly is tight and you reminded me the last five elections have gone to the
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democrat candidates they have been tight. they have a republican governor and a republican senator and a history of voting for republicans. >>pat: in wisconsin there was a huge switch in 2010. i have been talking about pennsylvania and romney had a connection problem, the second oldest state to florida and obamacare has been unpopular and the question is, the suburbs in 2004 which have an even remember registration they went no john kerry and for al gore. if they swing back the way they does and the crowd you saw last night in bucks county, pennsylvania is in play. but the problem, the republicans, and i have described it as unlike ohio and virginia where everyone poured money and they have been poisoned with the attention and pennsylvania is late putting in $20 million, romney and the republicans and they flooded 9 state and one poll which has a
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great reputation is dead even. >>neil: how much is the bill clinton influence, he is campaigning. will he be a exercise? his wife won the primarily in pennsylvania easily. how do you think that effect is? >>pat: it helps. we are beyond the campaigning part. right new people are making up their mines and moving. the question is, is there coalescing along in otherwise we are in for a long night or long week. >>neil: careful on "the week." but popular vote is tight. swing states tight, it could go either way. >>pat: if it breaks -- i think if we see a break, look, obama has had electoral edge but it is small. today, rasmussen has virginia up two for romney, and that was really tight.
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and he has ohio dead even. pennsylvania could be a surprise but we could get a bunch of states moving by a little bit. or, they will stay and count every vote. it is that close. a long night. >>neil: we will do the jerry lewis thing together. >>pat: up all night. >>neil: now, to the early voters in columbus, ohio, president obama is in that city right new and about to speak there. governor romney's campaign announcing they will be back in ohio tomorrow as pat reminded me that is not unprecedented but it is unusual. both sides are headed up to the buckeye state. and it is too close to call. but many are saying you may want to credit ohio republican senator bob portman who plays in each of the debate preparations the role of president obama and
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certainly in the debate that matters, the first one, well, it mattered, and the president elect romney owes this gentleman a good deal. senator, very good to you have. how is your state looking? >>guest: good. i love what pat said, he is right. the passion and the inering is on our side this year. i think that if you look at western pennsylvania and eastern ohio there are similarities because that is coal country and natural gas country and we are overperforming in eastern ohio and they are overperforming in western person a reason that pennsylvania is on the map so i am feeling good about things. fur are independent and undecided you are most likely not going with the uncouple bent. folks are liking the way that mitt romney is closing. it is positive, optimistic, and looking to the future, and he is talking about solving the big problems we face. that is what folks are looking to hear. it will help us.
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>>neil: on the independent voters, and i have nothing against them but it is not as if they are carbon cut outs, they are very different. what does it say? even though it could be a small slice of the old electorate that many undecide on election day. a does that say? >>guest: a lot of folks do not pay attention until the end. they see the ads but try to block them out and you and not blame them. we have been inundated in ohio. i will wait until the end and vote on election day like i do. i have run into a lot of the voters while i am crisscrossing the state and most say, look, we don't like the way things are going so we will go with your guy, he has a fresh approach. >>neil: is that why he is going to the state tomorrow? that raised eyebrows. it is unusual. either it is a chance to seize
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on an opportunity or he could disrupt the get-out-the-vote, right in they are trying to get folks to the polls and mitt romney is getting in the way. >>guest: two philosophies here. one is you do not come on election day because you do not want to diss tract the workers and volunteers, and the other is you go to the end. you do not want to ask the volunteers to do a lot. but i am delighted he is out campaigning and he will be here in columbus in an hour and a half and i will introduce him to a crowd which have been incredible the we had over 30,000 in bucks county and i have not seen anything like the energy and passion and that is what you want. the last couple of days you see it tip one way or other and we have the trend in the polls our way, the momentum our way and i am hopeful we will public him
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over-the-top. as impose ohio usually so go the country. >> walking is taking a wait-and-see attitude with the dow barely moving. what happens tomorrow is anyone's guess if the president stays in. if president obama or president elect mitt romney is anyone's guess. can you follow your money, tick by tick, also, your tweets, your responses, your own insight region by region competitive county by competitive county and what will be a long night with our best and brightest. the best team pound for pound on media earth. i just made that up.
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>>neil: this is ongoing for election day, those rimmed from their homes and now tens of thousands of new yorkers seeking sell step and a million in the northeast still without power with fema coming under more fire in the hard hit borough of new york and staten island. and now rand paul of kentucky says it does not have to be this way. we reached out to fema and they are opening a relief center on staten island. senator, your point is, it is not deserving of a lot more federal money which your colleagues are looking for. >>guest: i am just saying we do not borrow, we should not
1:18 pm
borrow to fund fema and we should find money where we spend it unwisely, sending money to people who hate us, is not a good use. but beyond that, most disaster programs would be better handled at the local level, and i have a great deal of respect for the churches, the salvation army and the firefighters, the police officers but i am still waiting for the trailers to get to new orleans, the trailers sat in arkansas for three or four years and we had warehouses full of ice for years, they had to hire contractors to melt the ice ands does pose of the ice it was a hazard after holding on to the ice. the federal government does not do anything very well. i would rather see the programs be more local or state oriented. >>neil: we hear critics coming out and saying something this big, this sweeping affecting one in four americans, you need something of the government size
1:19 pm
to get literally the troops on the ground, the resources there, and your point is very well-taken they have not do that and the media has prematurely patted them on the back. putting up a good show does not mean you are getting something done. >>guest: the thing, i am not arguing for no government involvement but maybe the government at the local level does a better job than the local level and we should not insult or discount churches or the salvation army or red cross. we had two devastates tornadoes in our state and the local churches fed thousands of first responders and thousands of volunteers and puts up people in shelter and, really there is a lot that private charity does in our country that is not always the government that is the answer. i am not saying there is no government responsibility but the federal government has not done a good job. we have people waiting years for
1:20 pm
money from fema after disasters because it is so much red tape and so burden in and they do not do a good job. >>neil: money is not always the answer something we will be raising with the senator's dad. ron paul is my guest at 8:00 p.m. on fox business news fox business network, and you may have heard yesterday on a special weekend coverage that fema deserves another $14 billion, fast, if we have to go deeper this debt, so be it. but i have a feeling, ron paul, like rand paul, could disagree with that. governor romney wrapping up the final virginia pitch where the first of the polls close tomorrow and is among an early closing state. and the house majority leader calls hope and hoping to help him close the deal. how does it look, congressman? i want you to answer that how you think it looks, right now. stay tuned. customer erin swenson bought from us online today.
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>>neil: governor romney wrapping up campaign stops in virginia, the home state of my next guest, house of representatives majority leader cantor. how is your state looking? >>guest: i think it is looking tremendous. i left a rally with volunteers i was with both paul ryan and mitt romney the last week and the enthusiasm is fantastic on the ground here in virginia for our side, and i believe it is because people here in the commonwealth they want to see a path toward the better future, and see more jobs and growth in the economy. mitt romney is the only candidate in this race and has been the entire time that has laid out a plan to get us back
1:25 pm
to work and that is the key to the election. virginia is about jobs and i'm predicting that mitt romney is going to do a lot better here than what the pollsters are telling us and will result in a big win for george allen. >>neil: and he is running for senate. i wonder, virginia is an early state we get, if he were to lose, mitt romney were to lose, that what not be a good table setter, would it? >>guest: i don't think he is going to lose. i really do think, i see it on the ground. the get out of vote operation is the best i have ever seen it on the ground here in the greater richmond various and throughout the commonwealth, and the enthusiasm among our volunteers and grass roots efforts is east charts. we are going to deliver a big win here. >>neil: it is too early to say, congressman, but say you
1:26 pm
are right and a win for mitt romney in your state leads to a similar win in other crucial swing states and he is president elect tomorrow night on late on wednesday morning, who knows, but on this fiscal cliff thing and the bush rates that expire and the sequestration cuts that kick in, what is your best guess what happens? >>guest: mitt romney said he does not want taxes going up on anyone, the fiscal cliff. if you look at it, it is the marginal rates, capital gains and dividends, the debt tax, the marriage penalty, all of these things will go towards higher taxes for everyone. mitt romney has said we don't want to see that especially not in an economy right now and especially in a situation where we have not fixed the spending problem. i believe mitt romney's election
1:27 pm
will lead to taxes not going up and we will set up a process where we will see tax reform happen to simplify the code, lower the rates for everyone, fill the loopholes could get on about the business of growing the economy which has been the focus and should be the focus the last fur years -- four years. >>neil: joe biden in another interview said that if president obama is re-elected republicans will come to the table because the temperature would have burst, the fever would be burst and they will be more willing to work rather than constantly challenge and yell and scream. what do you think 1/2? >>guest: well, i can tell you one thing and i had an opportunity to work very chosely with the vice president a year ago and he knows that i stand for making sure we solve the spending problem and he also knows that i will and have
1:28 pm
continued to fight against taxes going up on anyone. we will continue that because that, really, raising taxes right now on this economy is not the answer. it is now how we get people back to work or how we grow the economy and see the capital being deployed. that has to be our focus. i believe the voteers here in the commonwealth do know this election is about taxes. that is why i believe the small business people, the hard working families of virginia, will turn out and elect mitt romney because he is the one who is saying we ought not be raising taxes on anyone right new in this difficult economy. >>neil: congressman, thank you very much. whoever wins tonight, majority leader con tore will be a major power player. the state could set the tone for the night at some of the first polls in the nation closing there, and it is amazing the key number of states that close at
1:29 pm
7:00 p.m. eastern and 8:00 and virginia's republican governor will campaign for mitt romney state through and will be live with us tonight on fox business network at 8:00 p.m. democrats pulling out the stops hoping to regain more seats.
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>>neil: and jay-z is is in, he,e springsteen. does that translate into more votes? that is anyone's guess. now, democrats need 25 seats to win this back and the polls indicate that at best they could get five, and chris value holen is the top -- chris van hollen is the top ranking democrat. >> we are not giving up taking the the house of representatives. we will watch this to the end. whether it is for the white
1:34 pm
house or the senate seat or the house seats, the main thing is everyone who wants to participate in this great democracy of ours should get out to vote. do you worry, the tolls are tight and the president could win, hard say, did you in your heart of hearts everyone think you would be in a predicament where the president would be fighting for the last minute for every last vote and this is tight, tight, tight, tight, tight. >> i think it is very tight. it is tight. the president clearly has an edge especially in the battleground states, and as you know, you have been reporting on this for a long-term and who are in a tough economy. so the question for the american people, what has the president done and i think all fair-minded people recognize that we were in a world of hurt when he was sworn in and the economy was collapsing and we have come a long way, but the first is the first say we have a long way did
1:35 pm
go so the question is is, who do you trust to continue to move the economy forward. do you trust the president to the on the problem we made or go back to policies that we know, we know were not successful? >>neil: and now, i want to talk about the number of early votes in states like ohio, and karl rove and others commended if the president is down substantially from four years ago, republican participate is up substantially in early voting, that is just if that state. and same in florida, and illinois, and michigan, where we see much more enthusiasm on the republican side than we did. that may not be enough to squeak out a vick dry for them but it has to be raising some sweat. >>guest: there are a number of polls from the last 48 hours that show the so-called
1:36 pm
enthusiasm gap has disappeared and democrats are very poet separated to get-out-the-votes and you see this in usually vote statistics and republicans are seeing a big early vote but democrats are seeing a bigger early vote in states like ohio. >>neil: but it is down substantially the 240,000 fewer early voters on the democrat side than four years ago. >>guest: the issue is the advantage democrats have on the usually voting but all the issues we are talking about, we will know the answer in 30 hours from now. you have been very kind. now, in the senate republicans think their chances are better, they need four seals to do it and it is anyone's guess, most say they will come close but not close enough. if they do, they are in a good
1:37 pm
position, if romney is elected, to dismantle the health care law. do you worry about that? >>guest: sure i worry about that. if republicans were to run the fable and they were going to try and jam that through the we congress in terms of a certain procedure, then that would be something to worry about. >>neil: they say they would be returning the table. >>guest: the reality is, that is not going to happen. as you know. the likely hood of the republicans turning the tables that is very small. all the polls suggest the president has an edge in the battleground states and that the democrats will retake the senate, as i said, we will keep fighting in the house to the last vote, and as you were talking with cantor, the question, then, what comes next? dealing with the fiscal cliff, and the president has been very cheer that he thinks we should take a balanced approach to reducing the deficit. we should ask for shared
1:38 pm
responsibility. we we should ask the very highest i-come earners to contribute a little bit more. >>neil: you do think think they are already paying through the nose. >>guest: look, when you have a situation where you have the deficits we have and we know from the bill clinton period that you can ask the highest income earnings to pay a little bit more both reduce the deficit and have a strong economy, that is the way we should head. asking for a little more share responsibility and that is what the president has asked for. >>neil: congressman, thank you for taking the time. you have been going days without sleep, bet of luck. thank you, a powerful we democrat in the house of representatives. this is the scene right now this columbus, ohio, jay-z performed for the crowd and now bringstein performing for president obama, and now president obama himself, a big crowd in columbus ohio, usually the case for both candidates in the waning days of
1:39 pm
the race. and douglas wilder the first african american governor in america. did he hint he would not support this president? the blogs are burning. we thought we would ask. next. dealer
1:40 pm
1:41 pm
1:42 pm
>>neil: the president in columbus, he, and jay-z has preceded him and a who's who in the entertainment industry favors president obama over mitt romney, and that is not a huge surprise. it was similar in 2004 the last close incumbent race with a challenger. but it did not do john kerry any good. he lost. ohio tipped it. if he won ohio, although he was down three million votes losing that state cost him the presidency. a dust up over what the former virginia governor, the first
1:43 pm
african american governor in the country, he seemed he would not endorse president obama and neither would he vote mitt romney but, anyway, a lot of confusion. so i wanted to check with the governor what, really, is his states mind right new. governor, settle this once and for all. would are you voting for? >>guest: always good to be with you. one, i was, i wrote an op-ed piece for reuter this response to any numbers of people around the country who were asking, what is the status, what is going on in the country, what is going on in virginia and how do you see it? i wrote how i saw it. no one ever asked me as to what i was going to do, what i was going to do, but on an interview with another network the other evening i was asked that question, and i sat as far as my
1:44 pm
vote i plan to vote for president obama. and i also said that tim kaine, we have been working together and he foes i am voting for him, and my reasons are because i think the campaign has not caught fire and hasn't done the kind of things that tim has done. now, once i said i'm voting for obama, does that change what i wrote in the op-ed piece? not at all because the economy is still the issue. who is going to be that person that can get their handle on the apparatus to bring about a resounding reduction in debt. >> you think the spot more likely to address, this your case, you were complementary of mitt romney saying he bring as lot to the table, and you don't think it is enough to dissuade you from we signing up for
1:45 pm
another four years for obama? >> what i am saying is my justification is that president obama is saying, i believe, that i have had four years to do what i have tried to do and i can do a boater job if i have four more years and i will not have to start at ground zero. now, it and important romney made a tremendous statement when he said he would work to make certain he reefs across the aisle. you have to reach across the aisle. that is going to be determined who the last group of undecided voters are. >>neil: you will support president obama, but, it does not seem gung ho, it is like me saying i will eat the vegetables. i guess. >>guest: no one asked, no one from the obama campaign has asked know do a single thing.
1:46 pm
>>neil: wait, wait, wait, no one from the obama campaign has asked you to do anything? >>guest: to do a single thing. they have not asked you to pop up at a joe biden event and if you to shake hands. >>guest: look, last, in 2008 i was in florida, i was in ohio. i was in virginia. i was all overtime country and i have not been asked to do a system thing. >>neil: make they don't like you. >>guest: that is not true. >>neil: has mitt romney asked you? >>guest: no one has. >>neil: i think you are holding back. >>guest: i am not holding back. >>neil: you are, you are, you are. but if he does ask after he hear s this, you would? >>guest: at 6:00 in the
1:47 pm
evening the day before the election? you and i know tomorrow morning it is just about over as to what anyone can do and even the candidate themselves and i know some of them will be doing things. >>neil: how does virginia look to you, virginia? >>guest: i think tim kaine will carry it. in the presidential race it is a cliffhanger and too close to call were the real clear average is such it could be, and i am reminded of this, they had me with double digit leads when i was running for governor. and i ended up winning with less than .1 percent! so these polls, i know, in virginia are not that reliable. >>neil: you raise a very good point. >> governor, it is always a pleasure.
1:48 pm
i forgive you for the other network interview you did, it slipped by me. thank you, though, governor wilder, without whom that victory in virginia, paveed the way for an african-american president. you either like him a lot or hate him a lot. fema, meet the staten island who has choice words for a government who he says came up days late and a lot of dollars short, that is next.
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1:51 pm
>>neil: a week after sandy they are still waiting for help. forget staten islanders if they were not impressed over fema
1:52 pm
setting up a new relief center, and a resident is a wall streeter on the phone with me saying well, a lot of show, very little help. is it still that way? >> not up has changed but for the fact that more and more people are needing a tremendous amount of help. some areas of the island with power, and they shut it back down because there were fire concerns, so, people got their power on. and they shut it off again. we most of the island is still in a terrible situation a lot of bureaucrats running around, but like i said, we have a huge volunteer center here and oakwood was the highest decimated areas and the petroleum just need help. >> we heard a lot about the volunteer effort and that superseded whatever fema was doing but fema got back to us
1:53 pm
said we are there, we have been there, and janell -- janet napolitano was there. they trying. >>guest: they are trying to make a big show but the people have no cars, if they have a car they have for gas, this cannot get to the family centers. we have people that are coming down here with shopping carts and walking stuff down street directly to the people's doors. that is what family needs to do. they have the critical manpower. we don't. we have all volunteers and the efforts of diminishing as petroleum go do work. we have one freshman assembly woman who is doing yeoman's work because show is a freshman, getting us 500 hot meals tonight which the people literally have tears in their eyes to see hot food. >>neil: so the operation shows
1:54 pm
a lot of like-minded staten islanders and what is happening is happening law volunteers. >>guest: everything is happening through volunteers. we saw american red cross and they dropped us off 100 blankets and are not worthy of being called "blankets." they are more like small towels. the effort is not there. the bureaucrats, the bureaucracy is happening but people need help to their doors. we have doctors sitting at the center and people come one their pills that need a refill they are writing precipitations. tomorrow we have a table set up where we will take absentee ballots from people who want to vote but the government should be as concerned about that as anyone but democracy continues even in the face of a disaster.
1:55 pm
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>> neil: lawyers are circling in ohio, for weeks now, convinced the race will be tied. each side preparing for the legal fight they feel is unavoidable. eric shawn on counselors counting on a recount. >> hi, neil. the lawyers are in town. you can't get a table in cleveland until 10:00 at night. here is how it works. automatic recount will kick in. if the margin of difference is one-quarter of 1%, 20,000 votes of 8 million all told to ohio voters. could there be one? the counties have to certify the election. if there is a recount it pushes it to september. the board of election and republican county chairman taught us the lawyers are in place. >> quite the effort of lawyers who volunteer their time and
1:59 pm
have been trained and understand the election process. so they can help the there are serious problems that require involvement of the courts on election day. >> provisional ballot, if you're not on the roles. they have ten days to prove you are who you are. they get counted and it could push it through to november. if there is a tie, the state election law says the winner is picked by lot. imagine that. they have to certify by november 27. to start it in december if it's that close. >> neil: amazing! >> we didn't closure on the 2000 race. remember that? the